Bridge Bidding Boxes

Bridge Bidding boxAnyone who enjoys playing a game of bridge at home should own a set of bridge bidding boxes.

Why use bridge bidding boxes?

  • They make bidding easier
  • Everyone can see your bid
  • There is no chance of your bid being misheard
  • They make it easier to remember each player’s bid if a player takes their time making a bid
  • In a busy club environment your bid won’t get lost in the background noise of everyone else making their bids

How do bridge bidding boxes work?

Each box contains a set of cards, one card for each possible bid.  The cards are kept in the box in order of bid, from the lowest to the highest.

To make your bid you remove the card containing the bid you want to make, along with all the cards behind it.  Place the cards on the table, with the card displaying your bid on top.

At the end of the bidding, simply pick up the stack of cards and replace in the box, behind any remaining cards.

Buy Bridge bidding boxes

They make a perfect gift for a bridge playing partner or friend.  If your friend or partner is new to the game of bridge and doesn’t already own a set of bridge bidding boxes, now is the perfect time to buy a set as a present.

(If you live in the UK and want to buy bridge bidding boxes, go to Blueberry Bridge – Bidding Boxes.)

All the boxes below are sold by Amazon, one of the largest online retailers.