Gifts For Bridge Players

If your friend or relative is a bridge player then you can be certain that a well chosen, bridge themed gift will always we welcome.  Here we have chosen a selection of presents for bridge players.  Some are fun, some are serious and all are presents that your bridge playing friends, family or partner will love.

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Playing Cards

Always welcome by bridge players. Choose a stylish set or a fun, quirky set as the perfect gift for the bridge player in your life.  You can purchase regular index cards or, for those with vision difficulties, choose Jumbo Index playing cards.

Regular Index Playing Cards

Jumbo Index Playing Cards

Gift Sets

Playing cards plus accessories.

Playing Card Holders

No need to struggle if you have difficulty holding your cards – use a playing card holder. Perfect if you have stuff, painful hands, a hand or arm injury or amputation. For anyone who finds holding and playing their cards challenging.

The Tea Break

The most important part of a social bridge game in someone’s home. The tea/coffee break – with cake (of course).

Everything Else

Fun presents for a bridge player that don’t fall into any of above categories.