Practicing Bridge Bidding With Your Partner While Self Isolating

Can my bridge partner and I still practice  our bridge play while we can’t meet face to face?

Yes, you can.  You and your partner can meet using remote video calling software, such as Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook calling, Google calling, etc.  Choose an app that you are both comfortable with.  You can use any device – laptop, desktop, smart phone, iPad, tablet.  

The folk at No Fear Bridge have given me special permission to upload these 2 sets of Partnership Bidding practice hands.  If both of you download these practice hands you can meet on your chosen calling app and practice your bidding.

Each sheet has 6 practice hands – with the North and South hands shown.  Both assume that the E/W partnership passes, so you can focus on bidding on your own hand.  The hands,are all on page 1 and then the answers along with explanations, are given on page 2.  

One set of hands helps you practice transfers – you can download it HERE.

One set of hands helps you practice your Opener’s Rebids, and you can download it HERE.

At No Fear Bridge there are hundreds of sets of hands that you and your partner can use.  If you enjoy the two sample sets of hands, sign up for a two week free trial and you can access more hands.  
You can also take part in the many fun activities and learning exercises on the site – either with your partner or on your own.  Get in some practice while you are stuck at home, and amaze your friends with your improved skills.

(Below is a preview of the transfers hand that you can download using the link above.)

Bridge bidding to practice at home