Why Play Bridge?

It Helps Boost Your Immune System

Yes, really, it does.  Playing bridge regularly can be great for your health.  In 2000 Professor Marian Diamond from Berkely University carried out a study to demonstrate the benefits of learning to play bridge.

You can read the results of her study here http://berkeley.edu/news/berkeleyan/2000/11/15/bridge.html

Prof Diamond used woman from a bridge club.  The women were in their 70s and 80s and the Professor found changes in the  levels of CD-4 positive T cells in all the women, indicating that playing bridge was helping to boost their immune system.

Playing Bridge Helps Keep Your Brain Active

It’s true that as you get older your brain doesn’t work as fast as it once did.  It’s important to keep your brain active and playing bridge is a great way to do this.  Playing bridge means you have to concentrate.  It means you have to keep your mental arithmetic skills active.  All helping to keep the old grey matter in top working order.

Playing Bridge is Great For Your Social Life

Bridge is more fun played with friends. If you are a bridge player you will never be short of potential partners wanting you to join them for a game.  You will find yourself with an active social life and will meat new friends.

If you enjoy travel, bridge is a great excuse.  There are cruises that offer bridge sessions, there are special interest holidays that offer bridge sessions.  You will meet new friends and see new places.  It doesn’t matter if you are travelling alone, you won’t be the only one and you will soon make friends with your fellow bridge players.

Playing Bridge is Great For Kids

Bridge isn’t just for mature adults.  Anyone can play, young and old.  You’re never too young to start learning.  Even small children can enjoy a game of mini bridge.  As children grow, playing bridge is good for their math skills.  It’s good for their social skills – it teaches them to wait their turn, it teaches them to work as part of a partnership.  It teaches them reasoning skills and planning skills.

It’s also fun!