Start Your Own Social Bridge Club

It’s easy to think that all bridge clubs meet formally, once a week, in a local hall or other venue.  That they have rule books and a director.  Of course many people enjoy belonging to this type of club and there are many thousands of them around the world.  They cater to a wide range of abilities.  Some are more formal than others.  Some run classes for beginners.  Some are for experienced players.

There is another type of club.  Ones that are run just like the book club that I am a member of.  Run informally and hosted in members’ homes.  Paul Travis writes about just such a club here

Like the book club that I belong to, this bridge club was started several years ago.  Like my book club a few founding members remain (I am a relative newcomer).

They meet regularly and bridge is just part of their evening.  They enjoy wine and nibbles or a meal and have become firm and life long friends.

I often write about the health benefits of playing bridge – in fact you can read all about the health benefits here –  These ladies are living proof of some of those benefits.  They have made life long friends and enjoy their meetings together.

If you want to play bridge, but find your local club too far to get to, or it meets at an inconvenient time, or the standard is too high for you, or the atmosphere is too formal, or your club is informal when you prefer the challenge of playing strictly to the rules, why not gather together a group of like minded people and play bridge in your own homes?

Your meetings can take place as often as you choose.  You can be as formal or informal as the group chooses.  In short, you can play bridge the way that you want to play with a group of like minded people.  Sounds perfect to me.

Another advantage of playing in a private group is that you may decide that members can use a bridge bidding chart – a handy guide that you can print out to remind yourself of all the common bids.

You and all your members can join No Fear Bridge – and learn new tactics and discuss what you have learnt.  Maybe even have evening where you work through some of the quizzes or lessons together?

To join No Fear Bridge UK (for Acol players – NZ, UK, Ireland) click HERE.

To join No Fear Bridge US (for American standard players) click HERE.