1NT Rebid

If you hold 15 – 17 points and a balanced hand, then you should open the bidding with 1NT – click this link to read more about opening with a 1NT bid.

1 NT RebidWhat should you do if you hold 12-14 points and a  balanced hand?

You don’t hold enough points to open with a 1NT bid, so open the bidding with one of a suit and plan to rebid 1NT (don’t forget you need to hold a 5 card suit to open with a bid of 1H or 1S)

If partner bids 1NT, then pass as you know that you do not have enough points between you to bid for game.


 S: A K 8
 H: K 8 2
 D: Q 8 4 2
 C: Q 6 4
West North East South
1D Pass 1NT Pass

You are West.  A rebid of 2NT would tell your partner that you hold 18 points and invite them rebid if they wished.  You don’t hold enough points, so you pass.

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