1NT Opening Bid

You should usually open the bidding with 1NT if you hold 15 – 17 High Card Points (HCPs) AND have a balanced hand.

What is a balanced hand?

A balanced hand contains:

  • No singleton (one card in a suit)
  • No void (no card in a suit)
  • Not more than ONE doubleton (two cards in a suit)
Balanced hand shapes can be:
4 4 3 2, 5 3 3 2, 4 3 3 3
All other shapes are unbalanced.
Opening 1NT with a five card major

Imagine that you hold this hand:

S:  K J 4
H: A K 7 6 5
D:  A Q 8
C:  3 2

At first glance you might want to open with 1 H.  But this is a balanced hand (it has the 5 3 3 2 shape shown above) and has 17 High Card Points (HCPs)

If you open with a bid of 1 H you will find yourself in difficulty when you come to rebid.  A rebid of 1NT shows a weaker hand – 12-14 points.

An opening bid of 1NT doesn’t promise partner that you have a stopper in each suit.  It just describes your hand’s shape and point level.

Opening 1 NT with a five card minor

Now imagine that you hold this hand

S:  A Q 4
H: 6 5
D: K 9 8
C: A K 7 3 2
It could be tempting to open with a bid of 1 Club.  But, as above, this could create difficulty in rebidding.  A rebid of 1NT shows fewer points than you have.   A jump to 2NT would show more points than you have.
In Summary

Open with a bid  1NT for ALL balanced hands containing 15-17 points.  This includes balanced hands with a 5 card suit, either major or minor.

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