If your friend or relative is a bridge player then you can be certain that a well chosen, bridge themed gift will always we welcome.  Here we have chosen a selection of gifts for bridge players.  Some are fun, some are serious and all are gifts that your bridge playing friends, family or partner will love.

Most of the items on this page are sold via Amazon.  We will receive a small commission if you order using one of our links, but this doesn’t affect the price that you pay.  (It just earns you our gratitude.)

You’ll find even more Gifts For Bridge Players at  http://giftsforbridgeplayers.blogspot.com

Unique Gifts

Blueberry Bridge has its own range of stylish gifts produced by CafePress. You can find them in the Blueberry Bridge Cafe Press shop.

Here is a small selection of the items available in the shop

bridge player gift tote bag
bridge player gift mug
bridge player gift mug with club
bridge player gift carry bag
bridge player gift sweat shirt

Playing Cards

Always welcome by bridge players. Choose a stylish set or a fun, quirky set as the perfect gift for the bridge player in your life.

  • For anyone with difficulty reading the cards, choose a “jumbo index” set with larger suit symbols and numbers.

Gift Sets

Playing cards plus accessories.

Playing Card Holders

For anyone who has difficulty holding a full hand of cards, a bridge card holder makes the perfect gift.

Bridge Bidding Boxes

Bridge bidding boxes are commonly used in clubs and by bridge enthusiasts at home. They ensure that everyone can see and hear each bid.

Other Gifts

A stylish set of card themed pens helps players keep track of the scoring.

This fun tea towel might encourage your guests to help with the washing up after your game of bridge

A set of fun coasters to your guests don’t make rings on your table when they put down their cup of tea or glass of something stronger.